How to Travel with Your PetsTraveling with your favorite furry friend can be extremely stressful, and it involves a lot more than loading your pet up and taking them along for the ride. If you are taking a long trip, make sure to make the appropriate arrangements to keep them happy and comfortable.

So, to make sure your trip is safe and fun for everyone we are sharing a few of the best tips for traveling with a pet:

1.) Keep your pets safe from quick stops and rapid turns in a secured and well-ventilated crate and carrier. There are a variety of different cages or carriers available, from wire mesh to hard plastic and soft sided carriers. Make sure you give them ample room to stand, sit, lie down and turn around in – make sure they are as comfortable as possible in this carrier. To make sure they are even more comfortable and less dislocated with the change, get them acquainted to the cage ahead of time letting them get into it at home before you take off.

2.) Don’t feed your pet in a moving vehicle, even if it is a super long drive as it could upset their stomach. To ensure they are fed, start their travel-feeding schedule with a light meal three or four hours before leaving.

3.) If you don’t often take car rides with your dog, make sure they are prepared for the trip by taking them on a series of short drives, gradually increasing the amount of time they spend in the car. Be sure to use the crate and secure it so that it won’t shift or slide during the drive.

4.) Have a super handy pet travel kit! Add any proper documentation, food, a bowl for food and water, leash, waste scooper, grooming supplies such as a brush or pet shampoo, a familiar pillow or blanket for comfort, a first aid kit, plastic bags, and their favorite toy!

5.) Don’t let them ride with any part of their body outside of the car, as they may be injured by flying objects and debris outside the vehicle. Make sure they are always buckled in!

6.) Never ever leave your furry friend alone in a parked vehicle under any circumstances. On a hot day, even with the windows open, a parked automobile can become a furnace in no time, and heatstroke can develop. In cold weather, a car can act as a refrigerator, holding in the cold and causing the animal to freeze to death.

7.) Have your pet microchipped for identification and make sure they have an up to date tag that has your imprinted home address and your cell phone or best contact number for you on the road.

8.) Make sure to bring proper documentation, some states require you to have rabies vaccination or other paperwork for you to cross state lines. While it is not usually an issue, it is better to be prepared. Also ensure that they are properly vaccinated, including rabies and influenza. Please contact us at Premier Veterinary Hospital if you would like to make an appointment.

9.) Bring some water, for you and for your pet because some local water is not as clean and could be upsetting for your stomach.

Having your furry friend around can make your trip even more fun than usual, so make sure to follow these tips to have a safe and smooth trip with your pet.

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