How to Keep Your Pet Safe During Summer PartiesSummer celebrations, parties, and outings are a great time to bond with our pets and to include them in our activities. Keeping your pet safe and happy during summer parties is not an aspect to be ignored. When planning a summer party, don’t forget to prioritize your pets’ safety. Taking a few safety precautions for your pet during gatherings will keep your mind at ease so that you and your pet can have fun.

What to Consider During the Summer Parties

Summer heat

It’s essential to consider the temperatures outside before taking out your pet for that event. High humidity and heat can bring multiple concerns for loving pet owners, like heat exhaustion. Higher temperatures in the summer increase risks for your pets, such as increased pests and bugs, more skin and ear infections, injuries, and a higher chance of a heat stroke. Always consider the time of day the event is taking place; for example, if it is an all-day event, you can opt to go early, after dusk, or avoid taking your pet to the event altogether.

Please plan ahead to ensure that your pets are provided with shade, fresh water, and a cool surface to lounge on to help their inner cooling systems work more efficiently and avoid overheating. You can also protect your pet’s paws if the event is around hot pavements. Be aware of the signs of heatstroke in your pets before venturing outdoors on hot days. The best thing might be to attend a party elsewhere rather than in your own place. Hire a pet sitter or ask some close person to take care of them.

Keep New People and pets Away from Yours

Pets may become nervous or even aggressive among new people; ideally, allow your pets to meet with people they have already met before. Some pets can be aggressive with each other so ensure that your pet is well socialized before introducing them to new pets. If your pets become overly aggressive or irritated by other pets, it’s best to keep them away from the situation.

Traveling with Pets

When traveling to an event, ensure that your pets are secure when traveling in the car, either with a harness on, in a crate, or wearing a lifejacket. Park in the shade and leave the windows open even if you are running a quick errand. Leaving your pets in a hot car can rapidly increase your pet temperature, and they can overheat in a very short period of time.

Secure an up-to-date tag on your pet’s collar, and use a leash when you head outdoors. Consult your veterinarian for flea and tick control options, and always keep your pet’s vaccinations up to date.

Careful where they Swim

If you are attending an event near water bodies, be wary around water regardless of your pet’s water experience level. Never leave your pet unattended in or near the water. Be extremely careful letting them swim in rivers with high currents or oceans with tide changes.

Keep your pets away from dirty swamps, unsanitary and buggy areas. Bathe your pet afterward to remove all sand, mud, chlorine, or any other foreign substances that may harm your pet. Also, ensure all pool chemicals are stored safely out of reach to prevent your pet from accidentally ingesting them. Consult your vet for proper medical prescriptions to keep your pets free of pesky pests.

Watch What They Eat During Parties

During the summer celebrations, there is a lot of junk and garbage everywhere. Curious pets might munch on anything that might look appetizing. Never let your pets eat anything from the bins because they may consume substances that are toxic to their health. They might contain spoiled food, sharp objects, or inedible substances.

Be wary of what your cats and dogs eat as you celebrate. Chocolate, raisins, macadamia nut, grapes, xylitol, a particular type of artificial sweeteners found in particular gum and candy onion,s can be bad for dogs and cats, and alcohol is also a big no-no.

Keep Your Pets Safe From Fireworks, Flashy Lights, and Other Loud Noises

Fireworks, flashy lights, loud music, and noses can scare your pet. It can stress them, resulting in anxiety, growling, and restlessness. Make sure your pet has a proper ID tag.
Not just that, fireworks are made with potassium nitrate, which, if ingested, can poison your curious pet. So, keep your pets safe from loud noises and fireworks during your summer celebrations.

Rewarding them with treats and toys for good behavior encourages pets to stay well-behaved during such scenarios. This type of training also helps you calm them during unavoidable situations like loud thunderstorms or construction noises.

Tidy Up After Celebrations

After your event is over, ensure the first thing you need to do is clean every corner of the house that your pet might go to. All pets are curious and will rush to anything that seems new and exciting. Some pet owners have even reported their pets getting hurt by sharp decorations. Following up with your vet about any concerns before and after a celebration is a great idea. A vet’s advice can come in handy in case of emergencies.

Guard The Gate

Watch your door or gate closely or ensure it is completely closed when guests are arriving or leaving to prevent your pet from escaping for fun adventures outside. You might also want to consider microchipping your pet, so it is easier to track and locate them if they get lost. Ensure your pet’s tags are legible and updated and their restraints are in good working condition. Have recent photos of your pets in case your pet gets loose or runs away during an event.

Take Away

Always prioritize your pets’ needs, health and safety measures when attending or hosting summer parties or events. Address any concerns you may have before and after parties with your vet. Let your pets have fun during summer events, and always keep an eye on them.

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