Maybe you don’t have a trusted groomer, or you don’t have the time or resources to take your pet to a groomer – but they are in desperate need of some grooming love.

You don’t need a professional groomer to make your pet’s coat shiny and healthy, and unless you plan on your four-legged friend entering the show ring soon you can quickly and effectively groom your furry pal in the comfort of your own home.

Here are the 5 steps to grooming your own pet,

(but remember the number one tool you can have is patience.)

1.) Get the proper tools

You can ask your veterinarian which tools you might need to properly groom your dog or cat, depending on the length, type of hair and thickness of your pet’s coat there will be a variety of different brushes and combs available. You can purchase these online, through your vet or at a local pet store.

2.) Brush regularly

This is more of a rule of thumb for everyday grooming because regular brushing and combing removes dead hair and dirt from their coat and helps prevent mats and tangles. There are also guidelines on how often your pet should be brushed based on their breed and coat.

But when you go to properly groom them, make sure to brush them thoroughly, and BE GENTLE. If you had a hairdresser pull aggressively on your hair you aren’t happy, so remember the same when handling your dog. If you come to a bad tangle or mat, don’t try to get it out as it could hurt your pet. Either buy a special tool that gets rid of them at a local pet store, or contact us about a professional groomer who can handle this kind of thing.

3.) Bathe them

Set everything out that you might need, bring your patience and put your pet in a tub with a few inches of lukewarm water ( change based on the size of your pet) and use a cup or spray nozzle to bathe them – make sure to use special pup shampoo as human shampoo can be dangerous. Some pets aren’t good with bathtime at first, but remain calm and use positive reinforcement and baby steps to get them to a full bath routine.

4.) Trim their nails

It is best to do this when your pet is relaxed, but make sure to avoid the pink area within each nail because it contains sensitive nerves and blood vessels. For a cat, you can attempt to wrap them up like a burrito so they can’t escape, but with cats and dogs, it is important not to force nail trimming on them, for the safety of you and your pet.

5.) Brush their teeth

Did you know that cats and dogs can get oral disease or periodontal disease? If you don’t want your furry friend to be one of the more than 85 percent of pets who have it, brushing their teeth often can dramatically reduce the risk.

Make sure to let them smell and get used to the toothbrush and toothpaste and gradually work your way up to a full cleaning of those pearly whites! (Human toothpaste is unsafe for pets, so make sure to get them their own tube!)

With daily upkeep and a consistent grooming routine, keeping your pet squeaky clean is no problem and grooming will be stress-free. This leads to a happier and healthier life for you and your pet!

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