Why You Should Choose Your Vet for Pet Boarding

Deciding where to board your furry friend while you are away for business or on vacation is no small matter. Though there are many options available for cat and dog boarding, you can have peace of mind when you entrust your pet’s care to your veterinarian. In this article, we will discuss some reasons why you should choose your vet for all your pet boarding needs.

Takes Measures to Prevent Sickness

When many dogs are housed together in close proximity, it can create an environment where viruses can be passed from one animal to another. Nobody wants to go on a trip, only to return and be presented with a sick dog or cat. Your veterinarian may require that your pet undergo a round of vaccinations, for example, for the Bordetella virus in order to prevent upper respiratory illnesses from developing while under their care.

Access to Better Food

It is no secret that animals respond to the additives and chemicals in their food in much the same way that people do. Your furry friend can be affected by allergies and sensitivities, and many brands of dog food are problematic for this reason. They often contain ingredients that your dog would never encounter in the wild and that are difficult to digest. Your vet can readily accommodate the special dietary needs of your pet, feeding them nutritious fare free that is free from allergens.

Fast Medical Attention

You can be sure that if problems arise that they will be attended to professionally and quickly. Not only does your veterinarian have the expertise to handle any emergencies, but he or she also has the tools available to treat your pet properly. You can safely leave older pets who have health considerations, as these will also be tended to effectively. If your dog is on medication, your veterinarian can correctly administer them in your stead.

Cost Effective

Some options, such as doggie day care, can charge a great deal more than your veterinary clinic will, and depending on how long you must be away from your pet, the costs can really add up. Your veterinary clinic is an especially economic choice when you consider that the staff attending to your pet are trained in veterinary medicine. You do not need to sacrifice quality in order to save money, as your veterinarian will provide clean facilities and supervised care.

Experience with Your Pet

When you travel out of town, it can be a comfort to know that the veterinary clinic where you are leaving your pet will have experience in dealing with the issues specific to your dog or cat. Some pets are stressed when going to a new environment with people they do not know, and pet boarding with your veterinarian can help to alleviate this common concern.

Premier Veterinary Hospital offers a variety of services, and is a great choice for boarding your pets. You can call their friendly staff, or contact them online to find the solution to all your dog and cat boarding needs.


We know you love your pet, and of course they love you too. Making sure your pets are happy and healthy is probably toward the top of your priority list. One of the best ways to help pets stay happy and healthy is to have them groomed on a regular basis.

Benefits of grooming your dog

There are lots of benefits associated with grooming your dog, including some you might not be familiar with. Here are just a few examples:

Improved Socialization

One benefit that few pet owners are aware of is that grooming actually improves the socialization of your pet. This is particularly true if you have your pet groomed when it is a puppy, and it continues to be the case even into your pet’s later years. The reason for this is straightforward, but many people don’t realize the importance of grooming a pet until it is pointed out to them.

Being groomed puts dogs in a position in which they interact with many different and unfamiliar people, often surrounded by unfamiliar dogs and other animals at the same time. This experience could be overwhelming at first, but once dogs realize it is a positive experience, and once they feel the benefits of being clean and well-groomed, they will become more confident and comfortable when put into social situations in the future.

Reduced Medical Expenses

Having your dog groomed regularly is also a great way to reduce the medical expenses you’ll pay over the lifetime of your dog. This is because groomers will often be able to identify potential problems and diseases before they become a serious medical condition.

In addition, having a dog that is clean with shorter groomed hair reduces the possibility of bacterial infections in its skin, teeth, nails, eyes, ears and anywhere else.

Eliminating & Preventing Discomfort

There is no doubt that a clean and well-groomed dog will feel much better than a dog with dirty, matted fur, overgrown nails, and fleas or ticks. By being proactive about those problems, you can make your dog feel clean, happy and healthy.

Using The Right Groomer

Clearly, there are lots of benefits associated with having your dog groomed regularly. That’s why it is so important to choose a groomer who knows how to take excellent care of your pet.

At Premier Veterinary Hospital, we take pride in offering full-service pet grooming. We offer everything from baths and nail trimming to skin and fur moisturizing. If you want your pet to have the best care possible, all while under the supervision of qualified veterinarians, simply contact us at (903) 617-6072!

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